Top 5 Worries of New Moms

Your baby has finally arrived home. YTop 5 Mom Fearsou were glowing and feel great while you were at the hospital. But now, when the last guest has left, and you’re alone with your baby in the room, you start to panic. Despite all the things you’ve read about handling a baby, you found yourself feeling blank and have no idea what to do with your little love.

Here’s a top 5 list of fears for new mothers, compiled by our readers and ways to handle them.

  1. You can’t be a mother – You thought you’re ready and can’t wait to cuddle and snuggle with your newborn. But all you’ve found so far are sleepless nights, colic baby, endless crying, spitting up, and pooping and the list goes on. Your baby is learning about you as much as you’re trying to learn about him or her. Don’t be disheartened. Take each mistake and failures as a cornerstone in your motherhood badge
  1. You’re worried your baby isn’t breathing – Any new mother would tell you how they worry about how well their baby is sleeping that they lose sleep themselves. Worrying about your baby’s sleeping dangers is normal. There are many things you can do to make sure your baby is safe in his or her cot. Letting your baby sleep on his or her back, removing all stuff toys, and investing in a good pillow and mattress will help to reduce the dangers
  1. Trying everything but nothing worked – You can’t understand what’s wrong, and you can’t take the cues from your child’s crying. You tried what you felt is literally everything, but you still can’t get your child to calm down. Babies are expressing themselves through their cries and they can sense when you’re tense. So the more you’re stressed about making your baby stop crying, usually the harder he or she will cry. If you’re able to, get someone to hold your baby while you take a breather and come back. If not, place your baby safely on his or her back, leave the room for several seconds to center yourself
  1. I’m a bad mother if my baby is sick – That terrible, gnawing feeling when your baby is sick or unwell makes you feel like a bad mother. Even if it’s just about hiccup, or diaper rash, or colic. Somehow, you feel it’s your fault because you didn’t do something right that your baby is not perfectly healthy. Don’t pressure yourself to a good mother just few months into a job. Take your time to understand your baby and how you’re becoming the best mother for him or her. Not others’
  1. Dropping, slipping, breaking the baby – Truth is, your baby is pretty darn resilient. While now you may be gingerly holding your child as though you’re walking on eggshells, you will soon discover the best way to handle your baby and you’re not going to drop, slip or break him

Becoming a mother is a life long process. So please don’t pressure yourself to be the “perfect” mother. Take your time to understand your baby and your way of doing things. Sooner or later, you’ll get used to it, you wonder why you fretted so much.


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