Top 5 Free Pregnancy Apps

It may not be too much to say that a lot of pregnant women nowadays have it easy when it comes to finding for information and help about their pregnancy. With the prolific number of websites and forums dedicated to pregnant women, things are much more accessible and user-friendly compared to say, a decade ago.picjumbo.com_HNCK2634

And with the boom of smartphones, many developers have built useful and beneficial apps to the users to use. Pregnancy app is just one of the many apps categories that’s being downloaded daily. From calculating your due date to taking you through pregnancy, there are many pregnancy apps to help mothers out there have a more fulfilling and informed pregnancy experience.

With so many in the market, it’s expected if a mother feels overwhelmed and confuse about which app to download and use. So here we list the top 5 free pregnancy apps for your mobile.

Let us know what you think of them if you happen to use or have used any of them!

  1. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro – This informative and helpful app is the favorite among many pregnant women. Whether you’re trying to conceive or are already pregnant, this app helps you with clear facts to help you through. The interface is clean and easy to read without being too animated.
  1. Pregnancy++Pregnancy++ allows you to do so much more with your phone. This app humorously and effectively use food sizes to give you an idea how big is your baby each week, has note features to record appointments and milestones as well as summary of daily updates on its dashboard. Its cyan and white screens make it easy on the eye and great to display a lot of information.
  1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker – It feels like reading a magazine when you get this app. The awesome HD photos help you to understand information better and you’re able to read them easily on its pristine interface. Some of the features of this app is symptoms tracker, kick counter, body changes info, and journal.
  1. My Pregnancy Today – This app by babycenter, one of the most well known and trusted parenting websites, is a highly informative app with many great features. You’re able to see the growth of your baby along with information on his or her biological progress, watch videos about pregnancy and birth, and a contraction timer, among other things.
  1. Baby Buddy – With this app, you can design your own avatar and it will be your buddy throughout your pregnancy. This chummy app is fun, colorful, and most importantly, it’s helpful, especially for first time moms. Endorsed by Department of Health, this app is an all-encompassing app that you need for your pregnancy journey.

These apps are designed to help a pregnant mom feels better about her pregnancy and also to know what are the normal symptoms, progresses, and changes she is and will be going through.

Since they are free, you can download them and try them out for a few weeks to find out which one is the best for you.

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