Do You Have These Pregnancy Symptoms?

Every woman’s pregnancy symptoms are different. Some may feel like they’re drained of energy to the last ounce. There are also some who feel more energetic during their pregnancy. However, many women share somewhat similar early pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms may not all be present during the early stages of your pregnancy, but our list can help you to understand what are the ones most common.pregnancy test



You have no idea why you’re feeling exhausted. No matter how much rest you think you’ve taken, you still feel spent. This is the consequence of rising hormones in your body, where it’s laying the ground works for your baby’s growth. Take care of your diet and water intake so you won’t feel too lethargic.


Sore breasts

Tender breasts with soreness around the nipple and around the areola is one of the telltale signs of pregnancy. Remember during puberty your breasts felt really sore? Yeah, it feels something like that now too. The increase of your estrogen and progesterone is the reason for this soreness and extra sensitivity.


Nausea (aka Morning sickness)

This is one of the most common early pregnancy symptoms for many women. Don’t let the name fool you; morning sickness can happen any time throughout the day. Queasiness and nausea usually happens during 6 week of pregnancy.


Frequent urination

You noticed that you’ve been to the toilet at least 3 times in the last couple of hours and that’s something that has never really happened before. During pregnancy, your body produces more fluids to supplement your growing baby. This means your body excretes more fluids too. So your bladder is on overtime during the early stages of pregnancy.



Many women said that the headache they feel is a little different say from the ones they had if they didn’t get enough sleep. An aching head, the gnawing and numbing feeling in your head is also another common signs of early pregnancy. If you’re positive you’re pregnant, take pg-safe medications such as acetaminophen.



Pregnancy cramps feels a lot like menstrual cramps, but there are some pregnant women who said it’s more pronounced. Cramping around your lower abdomen is a sign that your uterus is getting ready to stretch itself in order to make room for its latest occupant – your baby!



You don’t think you’ve had any backache before. But all of a sudden it feels like you’ve fallen hard on your bottom. This is a sign that your ligaments are loosening up to make your body roomier for your baby’s growth. Unfortunately, this ailment will last you throughout pregnancy.


Mood swings

Your partner may notice that you’re more irate and snaps at everything. Perhaps, you might even cry over the smallest things. Don’t feel too bad though, because this is just your body adjusting to the changing and rapid increase of hormones.

These symptoms usually go away once you’re on your second trimester. However, if they persists or getting more serious, it’s a good idea to speak to your obstetrician just to make sure you’re not going through a high-risk pregnancy.

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