Haven’t decided what to name your newborn yet? Here are the top 50 baby names of 2015, by Pamela Satran of the Huffington Post.

If you’re looking for something more unique, or just bored, try our baby names generator for fun!


Boys Girls
Adam Adalyn
Amias Ainsley
Angus Alaia
Arlo Alessia
Asa Alina
Ash Alivia
Augustine Amoret
Austin Asha
Booker Augusta
Brecken Aveline
Callen Bea
Calvin Betty
Cameron Brooke
Chase Bryony
Chester Camila
Cohen Eira
Cole Eleanora
Colton Ellen
Cy Emerson
Easton Estelle
Ellis Everly
Evan Gaia
Grey Indie
Greyson Ione
Harlan Isobel
Hudson Jocelyn
Ignatius Judith
Jameson Kaia
Kellen Kalila
Killian Liliana
Kingston Lucille
Landry Marin
Leif Marley
Leon Meilani
Logan Mireille
Luca Norah
Lucian Orla
Marius Paloma
Marshall Pandora
Nathaniel Peyton
Osias Polly
Owen Primrose
Pax Remi
Paxton Ruth
Quade Sasha
Quentin Tallulah
Reuben Teagan
Rhett Tove
Warren Vanessa
Zed Veronica

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