How to Solve Morning Sickness

You know that nauseating feeling like you’ve had a bad hangover? Or the sickening queasiness you get at the pit of the stomach that doesn’t quite leave you as though you’re seasick? Pregnancy morning sickness

Well, say hello to morning sickness.

The term “morning sickness” is rather inaccurate, as morning sickness can last throughout the whole day for some pregnant women. A pregnant woman may feel lethargic, easily irritated and snappy during her morning sickness episode. While not all women will experience this annoying period, about three quarter of pregnant women experience morning sickness, especially during the first trimester.

Morning sickness, unfortunately, will gradually stop on its own, but there are several things you can do to at least reduce its symptoms to make it more bearable for you. Here we share with you about what you can do to deal with morning sickness so you can feel sane enough to go through your day.

  1. Make lemonade out of lemons – No, really. Eating something sour or even just smelling it helps a lot of pregnant women who are going through morning sickness. Either you suck on a slice of lemon or on a sour candy, try similar things to reduce the queasiness
  2. Stay off food that turn you off – During pregnancy, many women learned the hard way that food they love actually make them puke. Until your morning sickness decides to bid adieu, stick to food that appeals to you that you can keep it down. Sometimes, even the thought or the smell of food that makes you nauseated is enough to make you feel like you want to throw up. Just remember to at least stick to the food that’s healthy because you still need to get lots of nutrients for your growing baby
  3. Graze, don’t stuff – You may find that it’s better to eat small amount of food throughout the day then it is to sit down for a full meal at the usual mealtime. Keep snacks with you to nibble every now and then to keep the morning sickness at bay. A full tummy or an empty one can equally trigger gassiness, causing you to feel worse so be sure to have your fill of healthy food and snacks
  4. Ginger it – Ginger has been used in many traditional Asian cooking, especially for pregnant women. It has efficient compounds to relief gastrointestinal discomfort and gassiness. Its pungency will help to expel gas and also help you to feel less queasy
  5. Stay hydrated – For some pregnant women, morning sickness causes them to vomit quite frequently. Whether you’re throwing up or not, make sure you stay hydrated. Drink a lot of plain water, but not too much as it can fill up your stomach and make you feel nauseated again. You can also try glucose or potassium drink

It’s probably difficult for you to imagine going through morning sickness day after day. So other than what we’ve shared, try to find out which works best for you so you can handle the symptoms. Just remember, morning sickness is just a part of your pregnancy journey and you will gain experience from it.

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