How to Pack a Hospital Bag for Baby

Your due date is approaching soon and if you’re delivering at the hospital, you’re wondering when you should get ready to pack a go bag. How many things do you need to bring? What exactly do you need to bring? These things can be quite difficult to decide, especially if this is your first deliver.Packing a Hospital Bag

To help you get started, we give you a checklist on how to pack your hospital bag (aka “go bag”) so when you’re in labor and needs to go to the hospital, all you have to do is grab it and go.

  1. Cozy clothes – Even though the hospital will provide you with a gown, many mothers prefer to be in their own clothes during labor and after delivery. Make sure you bring along something that opens at the front so it’s easy for you to access your breasts if you choose to breastfeed. Bring roomy clothes such as a comfortable nightgown, button-down shirts and maternity pants
  2. Socks and blankets – For some women, it can get pretty cold for them after delivery. Keep warm, cozy blankets like a medium-sized fleece blanket for your to throw over your shoulders for extra warmth and good woolen socks to keep you warm
  3. Slip-on slippers – Bringing one can help you to keep your feet clean if you want to walk around the room, but they’re easy enough to put on and take off. Furthermore, your feet can get swollen after a delivery so backless slip-on slippers are great to accommodate your feet
  4. Toiletries – Regardless of how long your stay is at the hospital after your delivery, it’s a good idea to bring along your toiletries. You can either pack a travel-size set, or bring your favorites from home. Many women feel messy and unkempt after a delivery, so having your personal toiletries set with you can make you feel better once you’re up and about after the recovery
  5. Personal and beauty care – You will need your lip balm and hand or body lotion. Labor can cause you to be dehydrated so your lips can dry out and chap. Not to mention hospital air-conditioning can be really dry. Pack a small tube of lotion for dry hands and a good lip balm to avoid dry skin and lips. Pack along a hairbrush and several hair ties, if your hair is long. There are mothers who want to feel and look pretty after a delivery, so there is no harm in bringing along a lipstick to brighten up your face
  6. Aromatherapy care – Some women are prone to headaches or nausea as an after effect of the drugs administered during labor/delivery, so you can pack a medicine pouch with soothing balms, eucalyptus oil, Vicks vapor rub, and any essential oil that helps you to relax like lavender oil
  7. Important documents – Pack them in a Ziploc and place it on top of your things for quick access. Remember to bring your birthing plan, maternity notes, insurance documents, emergency contact numbers, and any other information you believe is useful and handy

Don’t worry too much about over-packing because it’s better to have what you need rather than be short of it. Have your most basic things and your go bag should be sufficient for your stay at the hospital.

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