Best Prenatal Vitamins

Watching your diet is the first step to making sure your baby is getting all the nutrients he needs. You may even know that taking a prenatal vitamin is an important step to ensuring those nutritional gaps that baby needs is covered. But did you know not all prenatal vitamins are equal? Prenatal Vitamins

Here’s the vitamins you need, so you can choose the best prenatal vitamins:

Folic acid

This acid is crucial for the development of your baby. Lack of it can cause spina bifida, which is a neural tube defect that causes spinal nerves to protrude out of a baby’s spine. For women who want to conceive, they can begin to take folic acid (600mcg) even before conception to ensure sufficient supply for the baby. You can also take folic acid the moment you know you’re pregnant up until you’re 16 weeks.


Since you’re growing another set of bones in your body, you need to up your calcium level. You need at least 1000mg of calcium per day if you’re pregnant. Most women above 18 aren’t getting enough calcium so you need to make sure yours is sufficient while pregnant. Lack of calcium can cause osteoporosis and hamper your baby’s development.

Vitamin D

You need Vitamin D in order for the calcium and phosphate in your body to regulate properly. Children who don’t get enough Vitamin D have the tendency for softer bones that can lead to rickets. You need to take supplement that provide you with 10mcg of Vitamin D each day.


Your body produces at least 50% more blood during pregnancy. In order to make more blood, your body needs more iron to make the hemoglobin. This extra blood is used for your baby’s development. If you’re iron deficient, you risk preterm delivery, a low birth weight, and also infant mortality. Take a supplement that provides you with 27mg of iron every day.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is essential for tissue repair, bone growth and its repair as well as for healthy skin. Vitamin C is efficient in helping you fight infection as it protects your cells from any damage. Taking enough Vitamin C during pregnancy can ensure your body is able to absorb enough iron that you need for you and your baby. Take at least 85mg of Vitamin C throughout your pregnancy.

Even with these supplements, you should not forget to practice a healthy diet because even though your food intake may not cover all nutritional needs, getting the nutrients direct from the source is always good. Do the best you can and you should be providing enough for your baby’s development.

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